Damaged Series

Emma Hatfield had everything she could ever want. She grew up privileged on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. But most of her formative teenage years were spent watching her father die slowly and painfully from cancer. And it has left scars that she feels will never heal. When her mother’s drinking gets even more out of control, Emma gets on the first train out of New York. Unexpectedly, she finds herself at her paternal grandmother’s house, exhausted and broke with nothing but the clothes on her back. Taylor Green is smart, popular and undeniably handsome. But when he takes a special interest in Emma, he interrupts her self-imposed exile. Can he be the only one to save her from herself?

The last thing on Taylor Green’s mind was falling in love. But the minute Emma Hatfield walked into his English class; he knew that love at first sight was real. The overwhelming feelings he had for her couldn’t be ignored. For the first time, Taylor feels complete with Emma at his side. He had found an unconditional love that he didn’t even know he was missing.When his beloved Emma is diagnosed with a brain tumor, Taylor is crushed. He’s not sure if he is strong enough to help Emma through the uphill battle she is about to face. Taylor knows that Emma is brave and determined to fight for her life; and he is willing to do everything in his power to help her through her illness.Taylor has to believe that Emma will beat the cancer, because life without her love is unfathomable to him.But is love a powerful enough force to combat a potentially deadly disease?

When Emma Hatfield was diagnosed with cancer, she thought it was the end. She immediately saw herself spiraling down the same path as her father. A path that didn’t end well. The only silver lining was that she had the unconditional and undeniable love of Taylor Green. He was her rock through the best and worst of it all. With Taylor by her side, Emma knew she could do almost anything. She knew that the worst was behind her. Now all she needed was to do something that should be natural to her—to be a normal teenage girl. It was a complete surprise to her when the doctors finally declared her cured. Cancer-free. After a brief recovery, Emma was finally ready to be who she had always dreamed of being—a normal teenager. A teenager able to make friends and memories. Free to make mistakes and experience everything that being young has to offer.However after being removed from that world for so long, how can she step back into being normal? Can Emma navigate the normal ups and downs of being a regular teenager? Can Emma make herself fit in or was she born to stand out?